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We Help Businesses Get More Business

How can we help your business get more clients, patients, or customers?

That’s the big question for any business that wants to grow.

We are an award-winning, full service digital marketing agency who helps growth-oriented businesses market more effectively, both online and offline. We help you connect with your most valuable prospects and future clients, and also help your current clients purchase more often and in larger amounts. We work best with companies in the $1-$25 million revenue range, with a relatively high average purchase price and a high customer lifetime value. We help companies across many industries, from healthcare to legal, home services, products, services, luxury retail, technology, and more. We only work with one company per industry niche in a given geographic area, but we do incorporate proven best practices from multiple industries. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA and have operations in Yucatan, Mexico, India and in the Philippines. We can work with clients just about anywhere.  Essentially, we can either become your marketing department or work with your marketing department to help you achieve a higher ROI for your marketing investment.

What sets us apart from other marketing firms?  For one, everything we do is designed to help you grow your sales, your average purchase price and your customer lifetime value.  We take an integrated approach to marketing and implement strategies and tactics to achieve a multiplier effect, where the impact is greater for your business than any of the methods would produce separately.  Our founder, multi-bestselling author David B. Wright, also has a background in process improvement and is Six Sigma certified.  So we can help you not only increase your top line revenues,  but also improve your bottom-line profits.  David has helped companies as large as GE and as small as just a few people improve efficiency and effectiveness to reduce costs, deliver better value, and help your business grow properly.  


Digital Marketing Agency

Here are just a few of the ways we can help. For more, click on the Marketing Services tab on the menu above.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services)

How do your prospective clients find you? Most consumers don’t use that yellow book anymore. Where do you go first when you’re looking to buy? Probably Google or Bing. Your customers probably do the exact same thing. So if you’re not showing up, you’re losing business. We can help you attract more of your ideal clients, patients or customers, nearly anywhere in the world. Case Study: One client went from being practically invisible to getting thousands of new leads each month. Most of their website traffic came from searches for their company name. Now they get more new clients who were searching for the products they carry.

Local Search

This is more important than ever! You’ve probably seen more local business results on more and more searches on Google and others. This is from Google Business profiles on Google, others on other search engines.  In many cases, it’s the only "organic" result that appears above the "fold" of the search engine results page.  Most of your competitors have no clue how to optimize this – so if you do it right, that equals more new leads and customers for your business. Case Study: one local business went from not even having claimed their Google Business profile to getting over 2,000 visitors a month to their website, just from their Google Business profile!  To get to this page, for example, you might have searched for "Award-winning marketing agency," "Atlanta marketing company" or some other variation of that.  And you’re here, reading this now, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to talk and see whether we’re a good fit to work together to help you attract more prospects and make your phone ring.  Call us at 404-669-6682 to find out.

Video Marketing and Video SEO

The search engines (and your prospective clients) LOVE video. Did you know that YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine? If you’re not maximizing Video Marketing, you’re missing potential clients, no matter what your business. And it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive – even low-cost but highly optimized videos, such as testimonials, product demonstrations, comic relief and more, can help your business get more website traffic, faster, so your customers find you.

Case study: W3 Group Marketing created a brief spokesperson video, posted it to YouTube, and optimized every element of the video. 28 (that's right, twenty-eight) seconds later, it was on Page One of Google for the key phrase we were targeting. Over six years later, it’s still there (and at number one on Google) and still pulling in leads for our client. We’ve done this over and over again, with different types of videos. We even simultaneously ranked the same video on page one by using different video sites, we've simultaneously ranked nine different videos for a chiropractor at the same time, all in seven minutes or less.  More importantly, these videos stay there, working 24/7/365 as client attraction magnets.  We've created some videos that are still on page one of Google over ten years later!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We can help you get more clients via Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, Online PR, Email marketing, Social Media marketing, Pay-Per-Click marketing, writing compelling copy for sales letters, web pages and more, even custom online ordering systems for restaurants, food delivery services and more. What we really do depends on what makes sense for YOUR business. SEO isn’t right for everyone, nor is Pay-per-click.  So we have integrated marketing packages that include multiple marketing tactics and strategies and work together to get you more powerful results, faster. We do what gets results. Online or offline – we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We do what works for YOU.

We've also partnered with some of the best in the business.  We're a Yelp Advertising Partner.  One of the reasons for this is that Yelp is usually used later in the buying decision process - people already know they need a dentist - they just don't know which one yet, so they go online to read reviews, etc.  Therefore you tend to get a higher conversion rate on Yelp ads than some others.   We're also partners with CallRail for phone call tracking and analytics, so you can measure exactly which channels are actually making your phone ring.  AccessiBe is probably the best in website accessibility, which is firstly the right thing to do to make your site accessible by differently-abled people, but also (if you're a US business) mandated by the American Disabilities Act - all business websites in the US need to be accessible, and there's a growing trend for law firms to find sites that aren't, and sue the owners...not something you want when you're trying to focus on your business.  DesignRush is one of the best marketing directories out there, and they've ranked us in many of their "Best of" lists. 

Some of the links in this website are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or SEO services we believe will add value to our readers whether or not there is a material connection to the brands, products or  SEO services that we have mentioned.
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